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Adobe Dng Converter

2018-12-31 15:28:09 Wib.
Adobe DNG Converter

Adobe DNG Converter especially for professional photographers the purchase of new hardware is no longer a problem thanks to this tool. Since almost all imaginable RAW formats can be converted to the uniform DNG format, there are probably no more compatibility problems.

With the "Adobe DNG Converter" Adobe enables the export of raw data into the well-readable DNG format.

Raw data formats have become extremely popular because they can be better targeted with programs such as Photoshop due to the higher data content. However, cameras often use their own formats, whose specifications often do not cooperate with the necessary software. 

The solution to this problem is called "Digital Negative" (DNG) and is an open archive format for the raw data generated by digital cameras. DNG takes the place of an open standard for raw data, which guarantees readability of the raw data even in years.

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