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Amp Browser Extension For Chrome

2019-01-13 12:18:37 Wib.
AMP Browser Extension for Chrome

The AMP Browser Extension helps when your connection is slow or unstable. It accelerates web browsing for operating system windows, linux and operating sytem Mac OS.

The Chrome extension "AMP Browser Extension" provides faster loading times while surfing, by opening all websites supporting the AMP format - saving time.

With the Google Chrome add-on "AMP Browser Extension" you not only load web pages faster, but also reduce your data consumption.

The AMP format is actually intended for smartphones - with this simplified version of HTML, mobile websites load faster, so you can surf even with bad Internet uninterrupted. If you use the "AMP Browser Extension" in Google Chrome, you can also benefit from it on the PC.

AMP Browser Extension: Surf faster with mobile pages

All websites that are in the AMP format optimized for mobile devices will also be loaded in this. The big advantage is that the load times are only a fraction of the normal web version. Disadvantage: By far not all pages support the AMP format, so many websites still need to be loaded in classic mode.

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