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2018-08-27 15:43:22 Wib. software 1.16. .2931
CHIP Conclusion on software

Blizzard creates with the software a counterpart to Steam and Origin - especially for their own games. For players of several Blizzard titles that has some advantages, all threads come together here.

The CHIP editors say

Buy, install, manage and launch supported Blizzard games with Blizzards free software (formerly " App"). software Blizzard wants to combine the management of its games in a desktop app with the software. Here you can install, manage and launch "World of Warcraft", "Starcraft II" and "Diablo 3". You can always add more Blizzard games like Hearthstone. software: All Blizzard games in one click

Within the software you can redeem voucher codes in addition to the games management for your Blizzard account, make (pre-) orders for games and extensions via the connected shop, read news about Blizzard games and download the games with updates bring up to date.

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