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Better Touch Tool

2019-01-06 14:11:49 Wib.
Better Touch Tool

Better Touch Tool, short BTT, is especially interesting for Mac users who use a Macbook with multi-touch trackpad or a Magic Mouse thanks to advanced gesture control options. For users with standard mice, the Windows Snapping tool offers an interesting feature known to Windows 7 users as Aero Snap .

Thanks to Andreas Hegenberg and his program BetterTouchTool (BTT for short), the Windows 7 feature Aero Snap, which adjusts the window to full or half screen size when moved to the top or side of the screen, is available to Mac users available. The software can be tried for 45 days. Who wants to use them longer donates a contribution of his choice and receives a license key.

The program even offers advanced window size adjustment options when moved to the top or side edge. In addition, the tool provides an enhanced compared to the system settings gesture control for Macbooks with Multitiuch trackpad and for the Magic Mouse. The software has not yet reached the version number 1.0. Thus, she is still in beta mode. In the ZDNet test, the tool works reliably on different Macs.

You can use any of the supported trigger/input types and choose from a large and always growing list of actions to automate almost any task. Actions can be chained to handle complicated things.
Additionally BTT includes various handy tools that every Mac owner should have.

Its not only gestures and taps

Youve picked up the clues that we like BetterTouchTool. As much as we like it, though, were also conscious that this is the kind of app you can use for years without learning all of it. This is one of those situations where you use it to do something and afterwards its muscle memory, you just tap or swipe and never think that its BetterTouchTool giving you this power.

Whether youre using it only Touch Bar MacBook Pro or an iMac, though, its worth exploring further because BetterTouchTool isnt only for taps and gestures. 

It can also watch for your keystrokes and perform actions based on what you type, for instance. It also works with a free iOS companion app that lets you control your Mac from your iPhone.

Our favorite extra option, though, is one tiny tick box in the apps Preferences. Tick Enable Window Snapping in the Basic Preferences and you will never again use Apples Split View.

Thats the very good macOS feature that lets you give half your screen to each of two apps. Its great for when you need to concentrate on these two apps but getting into Split View is a bit fiddly. Getting back out of it or changing to have a different pair of apps is nothing short of a pain.

Except BetterTouchTool implements the same idea in a different and substantially more organic, obvious, easy way.

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