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Bunq Iphone-app 9.4.

2018-12-12 04:21:14 Wib.
bunq iPhone-App 9.4.
CHIP conclusion to bunq iPhone App

bunq is a convenient and convenient way to get a virtual credit card for Apple Pay. Unfortunately, the offer is relatively expensive at around 8 euros per month, but the package offers many more banking features.

The CHIP editorial says:

bunq is a banking app that allows you to open a new bank account directly on your mobile phone and receive a virtual credit card for Apple Pay.

bunq iPhone app If you want to use Apple Pay but do not have an account with a participating bank, bunq is an easy and fast way to get a virtual credit card. After verification via smartphone, you can deposit them in Apple Pay, recharge via bank account or credit card. To use the card, simply click on the button "Start now, use it" in the tab Cards.

bunq: Not just for Apple Pay handy

With bunq, you can not only use Apple Pay, but also get a real card by mail to have a physical backup in case of an emergency. With the German launch of Apple Pay, the app but everything you need in everyday life. Unfortunately, only the first month is free, then at least 8 euros per month. But then you can also withdraw 10 times a month for free and receive up to 25 virtual bank accounts with their own IBAN numbers.

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