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Dashlane Password Manager - Android App 6.1843.1

2018-11-01 01:12:19 Wib.
Dashlane Password Manager - Android App 6.1843.1
CHIP Conclusion on Dashlane Password Manager - Android App

Dashlane Password Manager is a practical and intuitive App that truly implements your principles of security and efficiency.

The CHIP editorial says:

Dashlane Password Manager is a powerful App that lets you change all of your Passwords and manage them across platforms. Dashlane Password Manager - Android App The free App stores your Passwords in an encrypted list. A master Password allows you to edit your Passwords from any device where you have installed "Dashlane Password Manager" and generate new ones as needed.

The best Password Managers: Heres the detailed test

You can access your saved Passwords with "Dashlane Password Manager" and edit them as you wish. If you want to play it safe, you can also generate a Password. You can also determine the properties of this generated Password.

Dashlane Password Manager: security and efficiency

Furthermore, you can also create encrypted notes in the App and complete Autofill forms and even set your own keyboard. This recognizes on which side you are and with which login or Password you are registered there, with a gesture, the login can then be completed automatically.

In addition to efficiency, of course, the safety of your own sensitive data comes first. The Password lists are encrypted with a virtually unbreakable algorithm. If you ever find yourself in such an emergency that someone else needs one of your Passwords, you can use the very handy emergency function. Create a contact who in case of emergency has access to all or only selected Passwords.

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