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Digital Wellbeing Apk - Android App 1.

2018-11-19 01:12:17 Wib.
Digital Wellbeing APK - Android App 1.
CHIP Conclusion on Digital Wellbeing APK - Android App

The free APK version of Googles Digital Wellbeing App brings important information about cell phone use to your smartphone. All the more disAppointing that the App only works on Android P smartphones.

The CHIP editors say:

The free APK version of Googles " Digital Wellbeing " App. shows you what and how long you use your smartphone daily. Digital Wellbeing APK - Android App More and more people spend a lot of time every day on their smartphones. Googles "Digital Wellbeing" App aims to showcase your smartphone usage to prevent a smartphone addiction.

Digital well-being: what can an App that promises?

After the installation of the App, there is a tab named "Digital Wellbeing" in the settings, which contains the various functions.

On the first display page, the so-called dashboard, you will find the basic information. This includes how many minutes the phone has been used, the number of messages received and how often it has been unlocked.

As additional settings, there is the function "App Timer", with which one can set maximum usage times of certain Applications or also a non-disturbing mode. Also a handy feature: "Wind Down", which activates the Do Not Disturb mode during a pre-set sleep time and changes the display to gray tones.

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