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2019-01-03 10:15:39 Wib.
Download  elf yourself apk

Funny Video Christmas Greetings quickly created: In the web app "Elf Yourself" put in the Elfenkostüm a hot sole on the floor.

Elves can not only tinker and pack toys: In the web app "Elf Yourself", Santas good helpers dance their soul out of their bodies. But in their ranks they always have room for a freshman. 

If you feel like scrambling in elven costumes, here is your chance. Clicking on the "Start Now" button forwards you directly to the web app. There you only need to upload one to five portrait pictures - of yourself or whoever - to upload (from the hard disk, via webcam or via Facebook) and to adapt to the elfs head shape.

Afterwards, choose one of thirteen dance styles: "Office Party", "Hip Hop" or "Soul" are some of the choices. Once you have decided, you can sit back and enjoy the spectacle. If you enjoy a video, you can share it with friends via Facebook or email. You can also download the video clip. That will cost you two dollars. 

Conclusion: Easy to use and fun to look at - its worth to try "Elf Yourself" for once. 

Note: ElfYourself you can also use directly on the smartphone, the manufacturer offers both a version for Android OS and the iPhone for free download.

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