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Download Gaia Sky Games

2019-01-14 12:54:42 Wib.
Download Gaia Sky Games

"Gaia Sky" is impressive. Anyone who has ever wanted to fly through our galaxy at breathtaking speed can do just that. Thanks to scientific data, the free program gives you an accurate picture of whats going on behind our horizons.

With "Gaia Sky" you explore one billion planets of our galaxy - and that from the computer. 

 Thanks to the free software, you can move through the universe in over-light speed

This is a project of the University of Heidelberg that lets you explore our galaxy from your home computer. The free program draws on data from the European Space Agency ESA, which has mapped around one billion stars with its Gaia mission.

Gaia Sky: Explore space for free

In principle, "This Project" is reminiscent of "Google Sky". Using a keyboard and mouse - or via controller and VR glasses - you will fly through our galaxy and explore planets, stars, asteroids and moons. The data used to visualize our galaxy comes from the eponymous spacecraft Gaia, which has been mapping our cosmos since the end of 2013. 

Interesting in "Gaia Sky" is that the free software can be expanded with scripts. Some sample scripts are already integrated and let you automatically approach our sun and the earth. In addition, "Gaia Sky" can also be experienced in 3D or in VR. The program supports anaglyph and stereoscopic 3D glasses, VR headsets and 3D TVs.

Last Changes

The version 2.x promises a significantly improved performance. In addition, new asteroids have been added. An overview of all changes and innovations can be found on the official website .

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