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Download Nox App Player For Mac

2019-01-18 17:29:52 Wib.
Download Nox App Player for Mac

Summary Nox App Player for Mac

With the free Android emulator "Nox App Player" you can use apps and games from the Google Play Store on your Mac or Windows PC. Games and applications intended for mobile Android devices, from "Clash of Clans" to "Snapchat" to "Angry Birds" will load you directly from the Google Play Store into the emulator. By depositing your PayPal account or credit card, you can make paid in-app purchases or download books, music and movies. The "Nox App Player" emulates an Android environment with the operating systems KitKat (4.4.2) or Lollipop (5.1.1) with variable screen sizes and numerous customization features. Alternatively to access through the Play Store, you can also install APK files. The "Nox App Player" also makes it possible to simulate any GPS location in order to access foreign content. Thanks to the "multi-player" function, you can use multiple instances of the emulator in parallel. You can also record screencasts (MP4 videos) and export screenshots.

About Nox App Player

The free software "Nox App Player" easily turns your PC into an Android tablet or Android phone. So you can download free apps and games from the Google Play Store on your Windows machine, which otherwise run only on Android mobile devices. The "Nox App Player" emulates the Android operating system KitKat (4.4.2); Optionally use the operating system Lollipop (5.1.1). With a few mouse clicks you can open the Play Store with the Android emulator, search for software and install apps or games like "Minecraft", "Pokémon Go", "WhatsApp" or "Evernote". The only requirement for the use of the store is a free Google account. Even in-app purchases or downloads of movies are possible out of the player with the appropriate deposit of a PayPal or credit card account. Alternatively, use the "Nox App Player" to install APK apps (short for "Android application package") via drag "& drop. Thanks to a toolbar, all functions are always in direct access.

Create MP4 screencasts with the Nox App Player

In addition to the "simple" emulation of the Android system, the "Nox App Player" is characterized by its extensive fine adjustment. So you can either simulate a tablet or smartphone, choose a suitable resolution and change the orientation. Also useful: You can record your games in the form of MP4 videos, so record screencasts. Or you can take screenshots in PNG format. In addition, pictures and other files can be exchanged between your PC and the "Nox App Player".

Nox App Player: Use multiplayer mode with multiple Google accounts

The Android emulator "Nox App Player" allows you to run unlimited instances of the program depending on the performance of your PC. In this multiplayer mode, you can choose between cloning an instance or creating a completely new Android environment with custom settings. This means you can not only define different settings and start as you like, but also play one and the same game in parallel with different accounts or use several games and apps with one Google account. Practical: With the help of the multiplayer manager, you can arrange the opened instances clearly on the screen with the click of a mouse.

Use Gamepad and emulate touch functionality via Nox App Player

In addition to the "simple" emulation of the Android system, the "Nox App Player" is characterized by a flexible control, which should be especially fun gamers. To simulate the touch functionality of a tablet, inputs such as typing, wiping or shaking a mobile device can be replaced by appropriate keyboard or mouse actions. In addition to special buttons for "skill shots" or a "look around" special mouse controls for perspective movements and drag-and-drop actions in 3D games are possible. Other features include working with macros, a "boss key", the support of gamepads and a "virtual localization". It allows you to simulate any location and access foreign play store content.

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