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Download Tor Browser For Mac

2019-01-15 15:57:57 Wib.
Download Tor Browser For Mac

Summary tor browser for Mac

With the free "Tor Browser Package" you can also surf and communicate anonymously on the internet under macOS. To ensure that your computer does not go unnoticed on the Web, computers are randomly selected within the worldwide "Tor" network, which forward your Internet activities encrypted. Tracing back to your computer is nearly impossible and you leave no trace behind. In Settings, you manually set the level of security you use to move through the network. For example, JavaScripts and HTML5 media are disabled by default. The security software "Tor" is embedded in this browser package in a portable version of Firefox and can be installed without installation, for example, from a USB stick, and so be used on any Mac computer.

About Tor Browser Package (Mac)

Security has top priority on the Internet and is not just since the NSA affair a permanent topical issue. One way to safely navigate your Mac computer through the net is the free "Tor Browser Bundle", which makes you virtually invisible to the Internet and leaves no trace. For example, who wants to see unauthorized people follow their own activities on the Internet? This can not only be annoying in the private and business sector, but even dangerous; for example, when data such as bank details or passwords are intercepted and misused. With the "Tor" browser, you put a stop to all spying attempts. So that even beginners surf anonymous quickly and easily, the tool is integrated into a portable Firefox version. So you can get started directly without any training.

Surf mobile safely

Install the "Tor Browser Bundle" on a USB stick and move to the network unrecognized on any computer. The bundle not only prevents third parties from finding out where you are going to the internet. On request, neither saving of web data nor creation of the browsing history takes place. In addition, browser plug-ins such as Flash are disabled and cookies and tracking prevented. The installed Firefox add-on "HTTPS Everywhere" ensures that the most important pages from Facebook to Google automatically an encrypted HTTPS connection is established. In the "Privacy and security settings", you manually determine how safe you want to surf the net. For example, JavaScripts and HTML5 media can be disabled by default.

Surf anonymously and communicate

The protection program built into the "Tor Browser Bundle" uses the worldwide "Tor" network to route Internet traffic through randomly selected "Tor" servers. If you call up the COMPUTER PICTURE page via the browser, the current list of "Tor" nodes is called up and an encrypted connection is established to another subscriber. From this it goes to a second and then to a third node. Only at the end of this chain the COMPUTER BILD server is called. Because each node only knows where it gets the data from and where it sends it, seamless tracing is virtually impossible.

Safety comes first Performance

To increase the security while surfing, the "Tor Browser Package" regularly changes the individual stations of the connection. The three-node constraint represents a compromise between security and speed. In some circumstances, the connection speed may be lower than an "insecure" direct connection. The free protection mechanism in the "Tor Browser Package" thus ensures hardly any loss of speed.

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