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Dragalia Lost Apk - Android App 1. .1

2018-09-29 01:12:14 Wib.
Dragalia Lost APK - Android App 1. .1
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Immerse yourself in Nintendos role-playing game Dragalia Lost in a captivating world of epic battles and battles. With the APK you can install the game in front of everyone else on your Android smartphone.

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With the APK you can enjoy the new Nintendo RPG " Dragalia Lost " play before anyone else. Dragalia Lost APK - Android App In "Dragalia Lost," you do not assume the role of a character, no, you immediately plunge into the roles of multiple characters. These belong to the royal clan of Alberia, the kingdom of dragons. The so-called "Royal Members", thanks to a pact with the dragons, have the ability to transform themselves into just such a being and thus conquer their enemies.

Dragalia Lost: Nintendo releases free game geek for Android

One day, the sacred shard of the kingdom begins to lose power. This element is the sanctuary of the entire clan and is protected like nothing else. The settlers suspect the dragons behind the attack, and so the seventh prince, the only one who has made any pact with the dragons, dares to get to the bottom of it.

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