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Dxwnd 2. 4.95

2018-10-30 15:43:16 Wib.
DxWnd 2. 4.95
CHIP conclusion to DxWnd

Full-screen applications can be displayed in windowed mode with DxWnd - assuming some setup time. Thanks to more than 650 templates for classic PC games, setting up games with DxWnd is quite easy though.

The CHIP editorial says:

With the Windows tool DxWnd you can manipulate the output window of an application, for example, run fullscreen applications in windowed mode. This is especially useful for old PC games that do not support high screen resolutions. DxWnd Many applications - including PC games - automatically start in full-screen mode. With the DxWnd tool, you force the output in windowed mode, which can improve the presentation quality, especially in classic DOS and Windows games.

DxWnd: Show full screen in windowed mode

The handling of DxWnd is a bit strange at first, because the program has many setting options. However, more than 650 classic game profiles are already in place, so you just need to adjust the games preferences a bit.

Basically, DxWnd works like this: Through the game profile, you enter where the full-screen application, which should be executed in windowed mode, is located. A checkmark in "Run in Window" forces the output in the window. In addition, you can set many optimization options, such as the forced execution of a special version of DirectX. If everything is configured correctly, the application then starts in window mode. The advantage of this is that, for example, old games that were not programmed for full-HD resolutions run much more efficiently on modern systems.

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