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Earthview 5.14.1

2018-08-16 15:59:03 Wib.
EarthView 5.14.1
CHIP Conclusion about EarthView

EarthView is a nice change from the "normal" Windows wallpapers. The coordinate specification also makes it possible to find specific locations and make a wallpaper.

The CHIP editors says:

Use EarthView to create your own wallpapers and screensavers from Earth. EarthView You just pick a piece of the earth and EarthView will create a wallpaper or screensaver of just that area for you. Optionally, you can set day-night changes, cities and clouds. The image is updated at certain intervals. In addition, in the setting, the season can be adjusted from spring with flowering vegetation to winter with snow cover.

On the manufacturers website you will find additional maps with better spatial resolution for download. For just under 5 Euros per month, EarthView downloads the current weather conditions from its own cloud.

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