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Election O-mat - Android App 1 . .24

2018-09-24 01:12:17 Wib.
Election O-Mat - Android App 1 . .24
CHIP Conclusion to Wahl-O-Mat - Android App

Not only worth recommending for first-time voters: The Wahl-O-Mat is a practical decision-making aid for indecisive people and, thanks to its extensive information pool, is also aimed at people interested in politics.

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Decision support for the undecided: The free Election O-Mat of the Federal Agency for Civic Education supports you in the Election decision for the state Election 2018. Wahl-O-Mat - Android App More insight in the campaign and party jungle: This promises the free Android App Wahl-O-Mat of the Federal Agency for Civic Education.

Wahl-O-Mat: decision support for the state Election 2018

The App gives you extensive information on the upcoming state Election and a useful decision-making aid for your party Election. It is determined by numerous questions from different social and political areas, which party program is best suited to your interests. You can also compare individual parties and their Election programs.

In addition, the App informs with Election and survey results, a comprehensive electoral lexicon and facts about the upcoming Election in detail about the entire Election circus.

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