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Election Swiper - Android App 2. .2

2018-09-07 01:12:12 Wib.
Election Swiper - Android App 2. .2

The CHIP editors say:

With the free WahlSwiper for Android you have a great alternative to the Wahl-O-Mat. WahlSwiper - Android App The state Elections are drawing ever closer: time to take a closer look at the Election programs and perhaps even opt for a party. Either way, a well-founded opinion never hurts - and now there is the free App WahlSwiper. This will inform you which party suits you best and what their views on current topics are.

WahlSwiper: Wahl-O-Mat in vivid

The principle of the App is the same as Tinder: You get a catalog of yes-no questions that you answer with Swipe left or right. Among them are current issues such as asylum policy, renewable energy and the equal rights of homos*xuals in marriage and adoption. Each question contains an explanatory video if you can not handle the topic.

After that, you receive your result, which you can limit to different parties and thus exclude edge parties. For each party you can then view their opinion on all questions and topics or call directly the whole Election program in the browser - so you quickly have a good sense of where you stand, and can inform yourself in a short time to the Elections.

Conclusion: The free WahlSwiper is a good alternative to the Wahl-O-Mat, especially for young voters: With explanations and an innovative concept, you can easily find out about current opinions of the parties and quickly find the party in the questionnaire that suits you.

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