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Endless Atc 3.8

2018-11-11 15:43:13 Wib.
Endless ATC 3.8
CHIP conclusion to Endless ATC

For fans of minimalist simulation and management games, "Endless ATC" is just the ticket. The challenging air traffic controller game is easy to learn but hard to master.

The CHIP editors say:

" Endless ATC " is a minimalist flight simulator in which you are responsible as an air traffic controller for the safe starting and landing of aircraft. The free demo is unlimited playable but can not be saved. Endless ATC In the simulation game "Endless ATC" you are responsible for the safe starting and landing of aircraft. They slip into the role of an air traffic controller, who uses a radar chart to give instructions to the arriving and departing aircraft.

Endless ATC: retro-look air traffic controller simulator

The challenge in "Endless ATC", which also exists as an Android app, is to react to the behavior of the pilots and land the aircraft safely despite different speeds and travel heights at your airport and to be lifted from this. There are various commands to choose from, which you can send to the pilot.

The longer you play, the more planes you have to control at the same time, making sure that they keep to your itinerary. And the better you master your task, the more achievements you can achieve. In addition, Crosswind can be activated, which makes the game even more demanding and makes starting and landing of the machines even more difficult.

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