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Faceapp - Android App 3.1.4

2018-10-22 10:34:15 Wib.
FaceApp - Android App 3.1.4
CHIP Conclusion to FaceApp - Android App

The App offers a fun variant of the faceswap Apps, which can only filter over the faces. Unfortunately, the finished pictures clearly show that the picture was reworked. Another criticism is that it can not be reconstructed what exactly hAppens with the uploaded images. Because the filters are manipulated on the manufacturer servers and not on the local device. With regard to data protection, the developer keeps himself covered.

The relatively expensive Pro version, which you can unlock via in-App purchase, ensures that the App is displayed without advertising, does not display watermarks and works a little faster.

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The CHIP editors say:

With the free Android App FaceApp you can edit your face with many different filters. FaceApp - Android App If youve always wanted to know what you look like when you e older, FaceApp is the right Android App for you. The App lets you edit any portrait photo. After a short upload to the servers of FaceApp you have six filters available that make you look prettier, younger, older or laughing. In addition, you can try out how you would have looked in the opposite s*x.

FaceApp: Change age and gender

FaceApp offers the possibility to create a collage with four different images.

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