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F.b. Fluffbusting Purity For Google Chrome 25.

2018-09-08 02:19:15 Wib.
F.B. FluffBusting Purity for Google Chrome 25.

CHIP conclusion to F.B. (FluffBusting) Purity for Google Chrome

Quick and clean annoying Facebook apps and news ticker removal. But "FB Purity" is just the right tool for your Chrome browser.

The CHIP editors say:

With the Chrome add-on " F.B. (FluffBusting) Purity " You can change the Facebook individually and configure many functions as you like. F.B. (FluffBusting) Purity for Google Chrome Every few months, the social network Facebook renews the design of its page. for many, the fact that you can no longer switch off the new features or switch back to the familiar version will cause discontent.

With the free Chrome extension "" F.B. (FluffBusting) Purity "gives you back some of the rights that Facebook normally dictates, making it virtually invisible to you personally in a few clicks.

In addition to the Chrome extension, you will find the Firefox extension of "F.B. (FluffBusting) Purity" in the download portal of CHIP Online, as well as the Opera and Safari extension on the manufacturers homepage.

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