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Firefox 32bit 62. .2 Final

2018-09-23 02:19:20 Wib.
Firefox 32bit 62. .2 Final

CHIP Conclusion about Firefox (32 Bit)

Hardly any other browser combines speed, security, comfort and extensibility as well as Firefox. Meanwhile, Google Chrome is similarly popular.

The CHIP editors say:

Mozilla has released the Final version of Firefox 62.0.2 for download. The open source tool is the most popular browser in Germany. Firefox (32 Bit) As an Internet Explorer competitor, Firefox has long since established itself - it outclasses the Microsoft browser in the vast majority of disciplines. So Firefox is not only clearer than the competition, even at the speed of the Fox has the nose ahead.

Firefox: extra features thanks to add-ons

The open source project is constantly being improved and developed by a lively community. Also numerous extensions, with which you can increase the standard range of functions arbitrarily, contribute to the large popularity and spreading of Mozilla Firefox. Incidentally, a large selection of practical enhancements can also be downloaded from CHIP.

Each version of Firefox goes through several development stages. New features can be extensively tested as an interested user in the Nightly, Aurora and Beta versions even before the official release. Known security holes are fixed within a few hours so you can surf safely.

Firefox: Continuous evolution

Within Firefox, there has been a special reader view for some time, designed to improve the readability of articles and blog entries. In addition, you can now share an active tab in a Firefox Hello conversation and save articles and videos via a new Pocket Integration (separate login required at Pocket).

Make Firefox faster. With these tricks you can switch to the Mozilla browser in turbo mode via @CHIP_online -- Michael Humpa (@micmuc) October 19, 2015

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