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Flagfox 6.1.7

2018-11-05 07:04:12 Wib.
Flagfox 6.1.7

CHIP conclusion to Flagfox

The add-on also supports the WHOIS query, which gives you the opportunity to view the domain owner of the website in the event of a case. Flagfox is thus a reliable companion on the Internet. For Google Chrome, Chrome Flags offer a very similar free extension.

The CHIP editors say: < / p>

Flagfox is a small add-on for Firefox that specifies the server location of the website you are visiting. Flagfox Phishing sites are getting more and more sophisticated. With Flagfox, a small Firefox extension, if you suspect a fraud, you can test where the server you e visiting is located.

Flagfox installs itself into the status bar of your Firefox browser and can not be fooled by top-level domains like ".de" or ".com".

By clicking on the flag icon, which can be positioned either at the bottom right edge of the screen or in the address bar, the web application Geotool opens and indicates the exact server location on a map. In addition, many other web services can be added or removed.

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