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Forest Iphone App 4.2.2

2018-08-23 04:21:11 Wib.
Forest iPhone App 4.2.2

The CHIP editors say:

Against the addiction of smartphones: The iPhone App Forest motivates you to work without taking your smartphone into your hands. Forest iPhone App Many people who own a smartphone are distracted from it too often. The iPhone App Forest tries to motivate you playfully to a smartphone-free working without distraction.

Forest: planting trees for focused work

In Forest you plant a virtual tree, which is fully grown after half an hour. If you do not leave the App during these 30 minutes, you will get a healthy tree that will become part of your virtual Forest.

If you interrupt the App during this time, for example, to open the Facebook App, then your tree dies - and your Forest does not look pretty anymore.

Thus, concentrated work is rewarded by the virtual estate of a beautiful Forest, which you can then share on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter with your friends.

Conclusion: Forest motivates you to fight against your smartphone addiction. Certainly, the gamification principle does not work for everyone - but its still worth trying.

Note: This Application requires iOS 8.0 or higher. Via the download button you will be redirected directly to iTunes, which is a prerequisite for installation.

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