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Freevimager 9. .1

2018-09-21 10:34:25 Wib.
FreeVimager 9. .1

CHIP conclusion to FreeVimager

The FreeVimager is a handy, handy tool that does exactly what it should. For image editing you have even more options available than you would expect from a tool of this size.

The CHIP Editors say:

Use the free FreeVimager to view and edit your images and play audio files. FreeVimager With the free FreeVimager you can look at pictures, play slideshows and play back audio files.

FreeVimager: editor and viewer in one

In addition to the above features, the FreeVimager offers a few more useful features. You can also crop your images, correct red-eye, scale the images, and do many other editing.

In addition, the FreeVimager offers the ability to scan documents and Bidler and export to PDF formats to then e-mail you.

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