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Full Version: Johnny Bonasera 1 - Android App 1.41

2018-11-07 01:12:19 Wib.
Full Version: Johnny Bonasera 1 - Android App 1.41
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Although the comic style is not for everyone, its still worth giving "Johnny Bonasera 1" a chance. Because with his good riddles and the funny dialogues, it is an entertaining activity in between. You can also download the game for free from the Google Play Store at the moment.

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That Joe Bonasera should not be underestimated, this lesson must learn the punk gang Johnny has just attacked while eating, to the very hard way. Full Version: Johnny Bonasera 1 - Android App There is little that makes Johnny Bonasera even hAppier than the food. He just needs his sandwich and a little rest for dinner and the world is alright for him. But this cozy idyll is rudely disturbed by a group of punks. First the buggers beat his food to the ground and then, when he wants to fight back, he gets one more miss. Bleeding, Joe drags himself to safety. But for Joe or Johnny, the thing is far from eaten: he swears revenge.

Johnny Bonasera 1: Revenge is sweet

In "Johnny Bonasera 1" you help the eponymous protagonist with his vendetta. Since this is a classic "David vs. Goliath" scenario, you must use your wits, and one or the other baseball bat to get to your destination.

So you make Joes lovingly drawn world uncertain and solve various puzzles to turn off one gang member after another. In addition, you will encounter not only unusual characters on your way, but also lead many funny dialogues.

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