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Full Version: Shadow Warrior 2

2018-10-05 07:04:12 Wib.
Full version: Shadow Warrior 2
CHIP conclusion to Full version: Shadow Warrior 2

"Shadow Warrior 2" does not live by a sophisticated story with multi-layered characters. Much more is the fast and action-packed gameplay in the center. For each event, the cool character is doing a brisk slogan on the lips. Fans of shooters like Doom, Serious Sam or even Borderlands will get their moneys worth.

The CHIP editors says:

Shadow Warrior 2 is an action-packed hit that offers not only a solo campaign but also a 4-player co-op mode. Full version: Shadow Warrior 2 "Shadow Warrior 2" is the continuation of the eponymous first part of the indie shooter. This in turn is based on a computer game from 1997. At GOG, you now get the Full version of the last part for a short time completely free.

Shadow Warrior 2: Get the Full version of the shooter for free now

In the game, you take on the role of ninja Lo Wang, armed with all kinds of war equipment, fighting demons, yakuza and cyber ninjas. The arsenal ranges from chainsaws, rocket launcher and machine guns to futuristic laser katanas.

The tasks that you have to do in "Shadow Warrior 2" are not very varied, but that does not bother you. Most of the time you need to collect quest items or find a specific NPC. But the focus of the game is anyway on the action-packed and fast fights. A lot of variety is provided by a random generator, which creates new levels again and again.

The opponents have certain weaknesses and weather effects, such as storms or fog additionally influence the game. That way, you e constantly being asked to adjust your style of play.

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