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G Mic - Gimp Plug-in 2.4.

2018-10-09 10:34:15 Wib.
G MIC - Gimp Plug-in 2.4.
CHIP Conclusion on gMIC - Gimp Plug-in

The Plug-in gMIC is impressive. With more than 450 new filters and additional functions Gimp gets even more powerful.

The CHIP editors say:

Add a touch of Photoshop to your Gimp version with the gMIC Plug-in. The free extension adds some cool new features to the powerful imager. gMIC - Gimp Plug-in The free image processing program Gimp is already very extensive in the basic version. That there is still more to prove gMIC. The free Plug-in adds many filters and other useful features to Gimp.

gMIC: Add new filters to Gimp

gMIC adds more than 450 filters to Gimp. So that you do not lose track, all filters are neatly arranged in categories. Also on board are some new features. First and foremost Gimp gets a new automatic retouching function by gMIC. This fills "holes" in the picture depending on the settings almost perfectly. This allows, for example, unwanted persons or objects simply magic away.

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