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Gigsky World Mobile Data Iphone App 4.

2018-11-16 04:21:17 Wib.
GigSky World Mobile Data iPhone App 4.
CHIP Conclusion on GigSky World Mobile Data iPhone App

Thanks to GigSky, you can book a Mobile phone tariff all over the World, with an eSIM you do not even have to insert a SIM card and you can still be reached with your normal number.

The CHIP editors say:

With the GigSky App, you can quickly and conveniently book flexible Data tariffs when traveling abroad, and even virtually via eSIM for the new iPhones. GigSky World Mobile Data iPhone App GigSky offers Mobile Internet in over 190 countries Worldwide at the push of a button. Instead of buying a new SIM card locally every time you travel, which is often only available as a monthly version, you can simply book a Data package according to your needs in the App as needed. By default, the SIM card from GigSky must be used in your iPhone.

GigSky as eSIM: booking virtual Mobile Data

If you have an iPhone Xs, Xs Max or Xr with at least iOS 12.1, then you can look forward. Thanks to eSIM functionality, you can simultaneously use a physical and a virtual SIM card in your Mobile phone. So if you have your normal SIM card in your SIM slot, you can install the GigSky App and then be online everywhere via GigSky eSIM, but thanks to Dual SIM, you can also reach it via your normal Mobile phone number abroad.

Unfortunately, if you already have another eSIM rate in your iPhone, it will not be available at the same time. Except of course if you get the physical SIM card from GigSky instead of the eSIM.

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