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Gog Galaxy Games

2018-12-27 10:11:49 Wib.
GOG Galaxy Games

"GOG Galaxy" could replace Steam and Co. and finally establish copy-protection-free games. The client already makes a good impression. It remains to be seen what will develop until the final version.

The free and above all optional game client "GOG Galaxy" wants to compete with Steam, Origin and Co. and be less restrictive.

"GOG Galaxy" is in direct competition with game clients like Steam , Origin and Uplay . Unlike competitors, the free client is an optional platform through which DRM-free games can be obtained and played.

GOG Galaxy: Game platform without copy protection.

The "GOG Galaxy" client of the popular gaming site is a purely optional service for all players who want to have their game collection clearly arranged under one interface. Therefore, there is no online compulsion in the tool, as usual from the website, the games also come on the client without copy protection on your computer.

The client itself comes with a tidy but chic interface that clearly outlives the old GOG downloader. That must be so, because "GOG Galaxy" not only games are downloaded, but also purchased and played directly. In addition, features of the community are integrated, including an FPS counter, new Achievements, an overlay for running games and in-game notifications.

In the latest version 1.2 , you can save the savegames of all sorts of games in the cloud and switch from one PC to another. In addition, you can now personalize the features of the client and go into hibernate mode while playing, which minimizes the power consumption of "GOG Galaxy".


To use tis games you must create a free account. This is possible either at or directly in the setup process of the tool. Currently "GOG Galaxy" is available for Windows and Mac OS. Soon, a Linux version will follow.



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