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Google Photos Iphone Ipad App 4.3

2018-10-14 04:21:15 Wib.
Google Photos iPhone iPad App 4.3
CHIP Conclusion on Google Photos iPhone / iPad App

Google Photos, with its many features and unlimited storage space, is one of the best gallery Apps for iPhone and iPad, and could be forward-looking.

The CHIP editorial says:

With " Google Photos " Google, the search giant, wants to create a central location for all your Photos and videos, bringing unlimited storage, and is ideally linked to your Google Account. Google Photos iPhone / iPad App With the new "Google Photos" App from the search engine giant and Android developer Google, you get a successful gallery App on your iPhone and iPad, which arranges all your Photos and videos for you.

Google Photos: Alternative Gallery for iPhone and iPad

The free App brings along some cool features that you can raise via the standard gallery. First and foremost is the successful search function. So you can do any search phrases, whereupon the App outputs only the Photos as a result, on which similar objects can be recognized. What sounds daring, works incredibly well in practice and simplifies the search for images immensely.

In addition, the App automatically saves all your images in the Google Cloud - with unlimited storage space. Thats how all the Photos find their place on the Google servers and you no longer have to worry about backups. You can save all pictures and videos in high quality without restrictions in the cloud, only who wants to upload them in original size, has to pay for it after 15 GB.

The Foto-Assistent, which selects the most suitable pictures and videos from your pictures and videos and automatically assembles them into funny, exciting or simply interesting short films, provides the necessary entertainment. Also thought of some image editing features that are mostly already known from the known photo App.

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