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Google Translate Iphone Ipad App 5.24

2018-10-06 04:21:11 Wib.
Google Translate iPhone iPad app 5.24
CHIP Conclusion on Google translator iPhone / iPad app

Short sentences and single words do not disturb "Google Translate". Speech reproduction allows perfect pronunciation even in difficult sentences. But beware, with more complex sentences the grammar often falls by the wayside. Still a real must-have app for holidays abroad!

The CHIP editors say:

Translate individual words and phrases to more than 90 languages on your iPhone or iPad with the free Google Translate app. Google Translate Books iPhone / iPad app Whether on the beach in Thailand or in a bar in Barcelona, in foreign countries often missing the right words. The free version of "Google Translate" (formerly known as "Google Translate") for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will help you in just about any situation.

With the translation service for a multitude of languages, from Afrikaans to Belarussian, the app offers the right language package for everyone.

Super exciting: You can Translate not only entered texts, but also your voice input, photos, camera (Word Lens) or your handwriting into other languages. In conversational mode, the app automatically detects which language is being spoken. So you can even communicate fluently with another person whose language you do not speak.

Important: For new translation requests, "Google Translate" needs a standing internet connection, so you should look out for a Wi-Fi connection or data plan, especially when working abroad.

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