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Itunes For Macos 12.8.1

2018-12-16 05:14:18 Wib.
iTunes for macOS 12.8.1


CHIP conclusion to iTunes for macOS

The software is almost a must for iPod / iPad / iPhone owners. But all other users with a large music library can also use iTunes to manage and play their songs. You can also hear Apple Music if you do not have another Apple device. Alternatively, you can also fill your mobile MP3 player with the freeware MediaMonkey.


The CHIP editorial says:

Thanks to the free music player iTunes, you will not only hear music on your Mac, but also transfer it to your iPod, iPad or iPhone.

iTunes for macOS iTunes can automatically create playlists that are tuned to your musical preference. Audio CDs can be imported into the program, and the burning function also makes it possible to create personal music CDs.

Owners of iPod / iPad / iPhone will enjoy the synchronization feature of freeware. Depending on the setting, new songs or entire playlists can be automatically transferred. You can also manually update your mobile music player via drag "&& drop.

Also integrated is the online music payment service "iTunes Store&&, where music titles, video clips and entire feature films are sold. The music files are offered exclusively in AAC format.

Using the so-called Genius function, you can analyze your music tracks, buy similar music in the shop or automatically create playlists with matching songs.

As always, the current QuickTime edition will be included as well.


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