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Joytokey 6.

2018-09-10 15:43:32 Wib.
JoyToKey 6.
CHIP Conclusion to JoyToKey

JoyToKey is especially for browser game players a great Windows tool that can greatly simplify the operation. However, if you want to try out the software, there is no getting around a cumbersome configuration procedure, which would be easier.

The CHIP editorial says:

Convenient operation of browser games: Instead of using the keyboard, you control games by joystick or gamepad, the JoyToKey tool makes it possible. JoyToKey Browser games are a nice pastime. Unfortunately, many replayings suffer from inaccurate keyboard control. The Shareware JoyToKey brings some comfort, with which you can operate games and other keyboard-controlled applications via joystick or gamepad.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not list the supported controllers, but the tried-and-true "Xbox 360 Controller" for Windows worked right away. However, you have to bring some time for configuration: Each key must be assigned manually. The button assignment is in the software, unfortunately, a bit of guessing, as the buttons are counted with button 1-32. Which button on the gamepad corresponds, you have to try if in doubt.

The free, unregistered version of JoyToKey allows keyboard keys to be freely assigned to the gamepad. If you like the software, you will need to purchase a paid license key, but will also unlock some special functions and a mouse assignment.

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