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Jphototagger .41

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JPhotoTagger .41

CHIP Conclusion to JPhotoTagger

This freeware offers a large range of functions. The introduction to the program is facilitated by our photo gallery and the manufacturers German user manual.

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The JPhotoTagger helps manage your image collection by targeting keywords and reading metadata. JPhotoTagger No matter if you are a hobby or professional photographer - a large collection of shot shots is quickly put together, which then randomly breaks into thousands of pieces on your hard disk. At some point you do not really remember where the photos of the last wedding are or when the recently started rafting trip was. The freeware JPhotoTagger helps.

Your camera automatically populates captured images with so-called metadata, which for example contain resolution, focal length et cetera. The tool sorts your images after importing this data. To make your search easier, assign keywords that make it easier to find specific photos.

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