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Keepassxc Browser For Google Chrome 1.2.

2018-08-26 02:19:14 Wib.
KeePassXC browser for Google Chrome 1.2.
CHIP Conclusion on KeePassXC browser for Google Chrome

With the add-on KeePassXC-browser you save the annoying copying of the login data from the password manager. This saves time and is safer. In addition, new entries are created directly, so you never forget a password again.

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The KeePassXC browser extension automatically fills in your passwords in Google Chrome. KeePassXC browser for Google Chrome KeePassXC browser is the official Chrome extension for the password manager KeePassXC.

KeePassXC browser: Automatically populate passwords in Google Chrome

To use the extension, of course, you need the open source password manager KeePassXC. In the settings of the program you must have activated the browser extension. You specify the browser and can also make various settings, such as whether you want to confirm access to each password individually.

Once this is done, you can start. If you get to a page where you want to log in, the extension will suggest suitable entries and fill them out. If you register for the first time on a website, KeePassXC-browser can also generate a secure password for you and save it directly in KeePassXC.

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