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Krita 4.1.2

2018-09-27 10:34:14 Wib.
Krita 4.1.2
CHIP Conclusion to Krita

With Krita you get a powerful paint program that is also suitable for professional applications - and for free. If you have already gained experience with Photoshop, you will find your way around quite quickly. There are also numerous tutorials and videos on the developers website to help get you started.

The CHIP editors says:

Krita is a powerful and completely free drawing and painting program that lets you create comics, manga and other digital artwork. Krita The free painting program Krita is aimed at comic artists, illustrators and concept artist. On the PC you can create comics, mangas, storyboards, illustrations, textures, matte paintings and any other kind of digital artwork.

Krita: Free painting and drawing program with professional features

With numerous painting tools Krita is perfectly equipped for almost any purpose. On board are both vector and pixel tools. In total, there are twelve brush engines available that provide individual results. Of course, the levels are indispensable, for which a wide variety of transition modes are available.

Krita: adaptation to your workflow

Krita assists you in painting with high customizability and, if you wish, gets you completely out of the way. You can rotate and mirror the workspace at any time. The user interface can be adapted to your needs using drag " drop. The Tab key jumps to full-screen mode, where the focus is entirely on your drawing.

Krita is compatible with Photoshop, supports (among other things) the color spaces RGB, CMYK and Lab and fits perfectly with graphics tablets.

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