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Lawnchair Pixel Launcher 2 Apk - Android App 2. -698-ci-alpha

2018-12-14 01:12:20 Wib.
Lawnchair Pixel Launcher 2 APK - Android App 2. -698-ci-alpha
CHIP Conclusion on Lawnchair Pixel Launcher 2 APK - Android App

With the second version of Lawnchair, the Pixel Launcher looks even better. Still, he is the best choice as a Launcher, outdoing the competition with setup options and design. Since the App is open source, you can download the source code on GitHub.

The CHIP editorial says:

With the second version of "Lawnchair" you get the Pixel Launcher on your Android smartphone, the free App works without root.

Lawnchair Pixel Launcher 2 APK - Android App Lots of Google fans like the Pixel Launcher, but there are also other modern Google Design mobile smartphone designs, often with some cool added features. So there is now the second version of the Lawnchair Pixel Launcher.

Lawnchair: Pixel Launcher for any Android device

After installing the APK file, youll need to select Lawnchair as the default homeApp to use the Launcher and youll be able to use the Pixel Launcher on your smartphone. The Launcher consists of a single screen with a tray of five Apps, otherwise you can create additional screens as usual and save Apps.

Especially comfortable: With a swipe to limks open the Google Newsfeed or can enter keywords manually or with the well-known "OK Google ...&. Furthermore, there is a handy toolbar for quick access to the Google services. The settings are opened with a long tap on the blank screen, where you can deactivate the toolbar or change the size of the displayed icons. You can find your Apps as usual in the App Drawer.

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