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Lime Iphone- Ipad-app 2.27

2018-12-15 04:21:14 Wib.
Lime iPhone- iPad-App 2.27
CHIP conclusion to Lime iPhone / iPad App

So far, the app is only available in a few cities. If this changes, Lime could become a practical solution for everyday life, since the implementation with the app connection is well done.

The CHIP editorial says:

With Lime you rent bicycles and pedelecs comfortably via App.

Lime iPhone / iPad App Lime is a biking and scooter-sharing provider, located worldwide in cities and can be rented through the app.

Lime: rent bikes via App

With Lime you can rent bicycles and pedelecs. Electronically powered scooters are not available in Germany. Its easy to use: download and register app, search for scooters and pedelecs nearby, and unlock them using QR code. You are ready to go.

In Germany, the app can only be used in Berlin and Frankfurt so far. Other European cities include Vienna, Paris, Brussels, Stockholm and Madrid. However, it can be assumed that significantly more cities will be added over time.

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