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Logyx Pack 11. 1

2018-11-10 15:43:13 Wib.
Logyx Pack 11. 1
CHIP Conclusion about Logyx Pack

"Logyx Pack" not only offers a huge selection of interesting titles, but also good customization options. Whether you are looking for a challenge or a novice in this area, you will definitely find the perfect match for you.

The CHIP editors say:

With the extensive logic game collection " Logyx Pack " you can put your brain to the test and, of course, deal with it in a versatile way. Logyx Pack No matter if only out of boredom or to train the brain: logic games are a good pastime in between. The "Logyx Pack" provides you with a huge selection of so-called logic puzzles.

Logyx Pack: Training for the gray cells

The library currently contains over 120 games and requires no installation. This includes not only logic game classics like minesweeper or chess, but also arcade classics like Tetris.

In the Start menu you will find under "Play" an overview of the entire selection. Here you can also switch back and forth between the individual games - so you can let off steam to your hearts content. If you get into a game whose rules or gameplay you do not know, the guide will help you in the menu. But thats not all: thanks to the different levels of difficulty and other options, you can find and set the ideal level of difficulty for yourself.

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