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Loksim3d 2.9.4

2018-08-20 15:43:20 Wib.
LokSim3D 2.9.4

CHIP Conclusion about LokSim3D

LokSim3D makes sure many true Kindestraum. Just download, get in and start. The whole even without a ticket, because the game is completely free.

Cool: For a change, the official website, where you can download many new cockpits and routes for free.

The CHIP editorial says:

All boarding, departure - in the railway simulator LokSim3D you control trains in real drivers style. LokSim3D Whether by day, night, sunshine or fog. In the railway simulation LokSim3D you can control the train safely in the next station in different weather conditions. Out of a drivers cab you control the trains on real stations and tracks.

Even details such as gradients, gradients, track overshoots, multi-track stations with switches and bridges, various signal systems, lighting systems, announcements were not neglected in LokSim3D and implemented as true to the original as possible.

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