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Mameui64 V .2 2

2018-09-27 15:43:10 Wib.
MameUI64 v .2 2
CHIP conclusion to MameUI64

Back to the roots - With MameUI64 you travel back in past game worlds, but yesterday and today are just fun. Instead of running MAME from the command line as in the original tool, MameUI64 also offers a user-friendly graphical interface.

The CHIP editorial says:

Get a free Arcade emulator for Windows on your 64-bit machine with MameUI64. MameUI64 Old arcade classics come to life thanks to the Mame emulator. The freeware offers tons of arcade games and leaves out no game division.

Among other things, 64 classic such as Alien Arena, Cannon Ball, Combat School or Raiden can be played in original 2D graphics with Mame UI.

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