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Munich Oktoberfest 2 18 Iphone App 2.8.3

2018-09-23 04:21:12 Wib.
Munich Oktoberfest 2 18 iPhone app 2.8.3
CHIP Conclusion on M nchner Oktoberfest 2018 iPhone app

"Munich Oktoberfest 2018" teaches you the little multiplication table of the biggest folk festival in the world. The sympathetic built app brings you undamaged by the Oktoberfest visit. However, its a different question whether the reunited Bavarians are well received by long-established Munichers.

The CHIP editors say:

The iOS app "Munich Oktoberfest 2018" helps you to easily get through the eponymous fair. M nchner Oktoberfest 2018 iPhone app The Oktoberfest has its own laws. Especially for non-Bavarians, the chance is great to step into one or the other faux pas. "Munich Oktoberfest 2018" is not only a great help for "Prussia".

To find your way around the large festival area, the app provides information and background information on all tents and rides and directs you to important points of contact such as police or first aid stations. The necessary entertainment is provided by a small encyclopedia with important expressions in Bavarian.

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