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My Truphone Iphone App 1.2

2018-11-17 04:21:15 Wib.
My Truphone iPhone app 1.2
CHIP conclusion to my Truphone iPhone app

With my Truphone you can book a mobile phone tariff anywhere via eSIM and avoid high costs in other EU countries.

The CHIP editors say:

About the " my Truphone " As an iPhone X, Xs Max or Xr app user, you can quickly and conveniently book flexible data plans via eSIM when traveling abroad. my Truphone iPhone app my Truphone offers mobile Internet in over 80 countries worldwide when you need it. Thanks to the app, you can book packages abroad for a day up to a month as needed, and you do not have to buy a local SIM card.

my Truphone as eSIM: Book virtual mobile data

To use the app you need an iPhone Xs, Xs Max or Xr with at least iOS 12.1. Thanks to eSIM functionality, you can simultaneously use a physical and a virtual SIM card in your mobile phone. So if you have your normal SIM card in your SIM slot, you can install the "my Truphone" app and then be online with eSIM anywhere, thanks to Dual SIM but at the same time reachable via your normal mobile phone number abroad.

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