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Mypio. Iphone Ipad App 2.9.

2018-09-16 04:21:13 Wib.
mypio. iPhone iPad App 2.9.
CHIP conclusion to mypio. iPhone / iPad App

If you need a second and anonymous mobile phone number quickly, then "mypio." precisely. Within minutes, you will receive an official German telephone number for telephoning or sending and receiving text messages.

The CHIP editorial says:

With the iPhone and iPad App " mypio. " Quot; get another mobile phone number without a SIM card. mypio. iPhone / iPad App To get a mobile number without a SIM card, you need the free iOS Application "mypio.", Which will give you a free German phone number within seconds. Compared to previous VoIP services, the App is based on a different technology and does not necessarily require an Internet connection.

Second mobile number without SIM card: Free App makes it possible

In order to use another mobile phone number on your smartphone, you just have to use the "mypio." Download App. After successful installation, dial a German mobile number. Unlike the iPhone and iPad App "Satellite" by sipgate based the virtual number of "mypio." not only on an internet connection, but on the GSM-Telefonie, however, according to the offerer also UMTS, LTE and VoLTE are to be supported.

In a 90-day trial, users receive 30 free minutes. If that is not enough, you can also upgrade to a higher rate with more minutes. The prices are between two and 17 euros.

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