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Noscript For Firefox 1 .1.9.6

2018-09-17 07:04:15 Wib.
NoScript for Firefox 1 .1.9.6

CHIP Conclusion on NoScript for Firefox

Surf Noisy with NoScript. Especially on dubious websites you prevent possible attacks on your system with activated JavaScript and XSS blocker. Keep in mind that some websites, such as online banking, do not work without JavaScript.

The CHIP editors say:

Use NoScript to stop dangerous java scripts that are inadvertently running in your Firefox browser. NoScript for Firefox The small but nice extension NoScript appears as a symbol in your browser bar. By default, it is set to suppress any JavaScript on web pages. Only with your consent, the scripts are allowed.

With NoScript, Java applets, Flash and Silverlight animations and other plug-ins on websites are also blocked as a precaution and played only with permission. The XSS protection also prevents unwanted security gaps on websites.

NoScript can be integrated as an extension not only in Firefox, but also in the Mozilla Suite, SeaMonkey and Flock. Using an options menu, you can manually add web pages to a list of non-dangerous addresses.

NoScript Update: Quick Fixes for Bugs and Vulnerabilities

With regular updates, the NoScript developers quickly respond to new security vulnerabilities.

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