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Onion Browser Iphone Ipad App 2.1

2018-09-06 04:21:11 Wib.
Onion Browser iPhone iPad App 2.1
CHIP Conclusion on Onion Browser iPhone / iPad App

The "Onion Browser" is limited to a few functions, but does it reliably and without complaining. Unfortunately, the App has no influence on the rather lame speed of the Tor network. For example, surf faster with Vpn One Click Professional and the default Browser.

The CHIP editors say

With the " Onion Browser " Surf the Tor network on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad for free. Onion Browser iPhone / iPad App The freely accessible Tor network allows anonymous surfing. To do this, it redirects your queries to numerous computers and servers distributed around the world, preventing you from being traced back to you. Who wants to use the service on the iPhone or iPad, accesses the free "Onion Browser".

The App automatically connects to the network after startup. Within a few seconds, you are completely anonymous on the net. The circumvention of restrictive networks is also possible with the "Onion Browser". If desired, you can change your IP address in a few seconds, delete cookies and disguise your user agent.

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