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Open General 1 2 18
CHIP conclusion to Open General

The free download of "Open General" is not only recommended for strategy fans.

The CHIP editors say:

With "Open General" Download a free strategy game in the style of the classic Panzer General II. Open General In the free game "Open General", you assume the role of General and command your troops across the virtual battlefield.

Open General: Iconic strategy game for download

In the turn-based strategy game "Open General" you step by step drag your troops across the map and conquer enemy territory. Through strategic thinking, you move vehicles, soldiers and tanks back and forth in epic campaigns. Successfully completing laps increases both your prestige and your balance. With this you improve your army and build up your war vehicles.

Unlike the title suggests, the game is not limited to modern war scenarios but offers a variety of campaigns.

The game is based on the strategy hit "Panzer General II" by SSI, but is an independent development.

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