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Openra Command Conquer Free 2 18 923

2018-09-24 15:43:14 Wib.
OpenRA Command Conquer free 2 18 923
CHIP Conclusion on OpenRA (Command " Conquer for free)

Brings a lot of fun and also runs on older PCs. Strategy fans are guaranteed nothing wrong with the free OpenRA. Another highly recommended new edition from the C " C universe is Command " " Conquer - The Dawn of the Tiberium Age.

The CHIP editors say:

For strategists: OpenRA brings its own adaptation of the Command " " Conquer classics Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert. OpenRA (Command " Conquer for free) Command " " Conquer fans beware: OpenRA reissues the C " C classics "Tiberian Dawn", "Red Alert" and also Dune 2000. This fan project can engage friends of the real-time strategy many hours in front of the screen.

OpenRA: Reissue of the C " C classics

The creators of OpenRA say themselves that the game should not be a 1: 1 copy of the C " C titles. Instead, OpenRA remains as close as possible to the original, but improves gameplay in many places. The focus is on multiplayer mode (even against Mac OS and Linux players), but there are also single player missions and a skirmish mode against a computer player.

The games are deposited as mods in the game. Which multiplayer online servers are currently running, see the manufacturer page.

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