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Opera Touch Iphone Ipad App 1. .2

2018-10-04 04:21:29 Wib.
Opera Touch iPhone iPad App 1. .2
CHIP Conclusion on Opera Touch iPhone / iPad App

"Opera Touch" is a blessing for users with large smartphones and small hands and power users. With its custom interface and convenient features like Flow, its the perfect browser for your iPhone.

The CHIP editors say:

"Opera Touch" offers iPhone users a browser whose controls have been specially tailored for one-handed Operation. Opera Touch iPhone / iPad App A chic design and the right presentation are everything. Something like that could be Apples motto. Unfortunately, this only Applies to the external. For the Applications it looks quite different: For example, the design of the standard Safari browser has long been out of date. And although there are other things to complain about, only 5% of all iOS users switch to another browser. With the release of "Opera Touch" on iOS, Opera wants to establish a potential competitor to Safari and, above all, to offer all iPhone users an experience as chic and fast as their smartphones.

Opera Touch: Chic, fast and practical

"Opera Touch" is a browser that has been specifically designed for use on smartphones. Specifically, this not only means a user-friendly user interface, but in particular the complete control of the browser with just one hand.

An easy-to-access button at the bottom of the screen is at the heart of this design. With this so-called Fast Action Button (FAB), you can access all your open tabs, open new windows, use the QR Code Reader or start a voice search. With this control you can call almost any feature, only the setting options can not be reached this way.

Another special feature is the "Flow" function, which allows you to easily share websites with your Opera browser on the PC. So you can seamlessly continue working where you left off on your iOS device.

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