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Paladins 1.4

2018-08-16 15:44:49 Wib.
Paladins 1.4
CHIP Conclusion to Paladins

Paladins comes close to the fun of his great role model. However, it is the details, such as the gunplay, that make Overwatch a terrific game and unfortunately can not reach the Paladins. However, if you are in the mood for a hero shooter but do not want to loose money, you should be well served with Paladins.

The CHIP editors say:

Overwatch has become one of the biggest action shooters and enjoys great popularity. The most obvious thing has been done by the manufacturers of Paladins: they have developed their own free Overwatch clone. Paladins Paladins offers full Overwatch shooter action for free. Although the hero shooter wants to be clear from Overwatch, the parallels are too big to call Paladins an innovation. The champions, the round-based game system, as well as the instant respawn system, all reminds a lot of Blizzards shooter.

Paladins: Overwatch action for free download

Apart from the fact that Paladins has been heavily inspired by the fee-based role model and barely comes with their own ideas around the corner, making the game a lot of fun.

The individual maps are great designed and the fast laps make a lot of fun. The game comes very close to the Overwatch feeling. Only the Gunplay is noticeably weaker than in Blizzards top title: The weapons in Paladins just do not feel as "realistic" as in Overwatch.

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