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Peakfinder Ar Iphone Ipad App 3.4.4

2018-09-27 04:21:13 Wib.
PeakFinder AR iPhone iPad App 3.4.4
CHIP Conclusion for PeakFinder ar iPhone / iPad App

This App is a must for those who like to look at the mountain panorama but can not name the peaks. Unfortunately, the App only gives the altitude and the coordinates, as well as your distance to the selected mountain, but you need to obtain further information yourself.

The CHIP editors say:

The perfect download for the next trip to the mountains: The iPhone and iPad App " PeakFinder ar " tell you which peaks you have right now. PeakFinder ar iPhone / iPad App You hike in the Alps, but you can not name the mountains? The App gives you a 360 degree panoramic view of all the peaks of the high mountains. Using GPS, the tool determines your current position, and the integrated compass determines your line of sight. Hold your Apple phone right in front of your desired mountain and you will see its name on the screen.

A radius search lists all summits in your area, in the summit index you will find all mountains in alphabetical order and in the coordinates input you can choose any position in the Alpine region. You can easily save your favorite summits among the favorites.

All mountains can be retrieved offline, so they are already stored in the App. In total, more than 350,000 mountain names are available worldwide. With the digital binoculars, you can also recognize lesser-known mountains in a jiffy. Cool: The panoramas can be exported via as PDFs.

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